Build your Reactor

Evolve your Strain

This platform is to offer an open source bioreactor designs targeting microbial experimental evolution.


All designs are supported with free Arduino sketches, ready models for 3D printing, GUI(s), assembly instructions, suppliers and purchase information. 

No PCB designs, No complexity.

95% of the procedures are based on Drag and Drop.

These DIY mini-bioreactors are cheap and easy but effective.

The algorithms of these bioreactors involve several strategies for ALE.

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The design is totally customizable, you can increase/reduce the number of culture bottles, and all are based on single Arduino mega chip.

Every reactor can be controlled separately/grouped from/with other reactors

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Platform roadmap


Learn more how to design a complete, fully customized DIY bioreactor to be used for cellular biology, bacteria, fungus, microalgae culturing and evo-experiments

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